Wedding Filmmaker LUT Pack 
These LUTs were designed by a wedding filmmaker for wedding filmmakers.  They feature a variety of tones to make skin tones pop in every part of the wedding from getting ready to the first dance.  

Whats Included:
Natural Light - Groom LUT File (Deep darks for a masculine look)
Natural Light - Bride LUT File (Bright and airy for a feminine look)
Tungsten Light LUT File
Lifestyle LUT File
Ceremony LUT File
Reception LUT File (Works BEST on low-light footage)
First Dance LUT File
Daylight LUT File
Clean Fade LUT File
Cinematic Wedding LUT File
BONUS LUT - Soft Skin

- Works on all flat picture profiles (LOG & Cine)
- Works on standard profiles as well (adjust intensity)

Wedding Filmmaker LUTs